Parsley Potatoes

When I was a kid, my Mom used to boil some potatoes, toss them with a nice amount of butter and parsley and put them on the table for dinner.   It is one of my favorite ways to serve potatoes.  Such a simple recipe, doesn’t even require measuring, they taste soooooo good and look pretty on a plate.  For whatever reason, it  has never been a favorite of my husband so I rarely make them, but last night, I was craving them.

blog post 8.5.14 003

I seasoned some really thick pork chops with Penzey’s Pork Chop Seasoning and grilled them.  After the meat came off the grill, I put on the zucchini from the garden and boiled the potatoes.   I used Yukon gold potatoes from the local farm stand, they are so creamy on their own, you add butter and man, do they become AWESOME!

This week I came across an article about how to cut zucchini, I talked about cutting away all four sides, leaving the seeds.  I have never minded the seeds of a zucchini, especially if you pick them while they are still relatively small.  I have my Dad to thank for teaching me to cut my zucchini into wedges for the grill.   Cutting them into wedges instead of rounds makes it so much easier to turn them on the grill, GENIUS, I tell you!  Thanks Dad, I use your “tip” all the time.

2 thoughts on “Parsley Potatoes

  1. I love Parsley Potatoes! They remind me of my childhood, my dad wasn’t a fan so we rarely had them. Spike isn’t a fan either so I rarely make them now. What is it with men and parsley potatoes?!

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