Freshman Move In Day

Today is my favorite day at work.  It is the day that all of our incoming freshman move in.  It will be a long, tiring day, but goodness is it fun to people watch.  It is an exciting time, these kids are starting off their journey to adult hood, so eager and innocent in so many ways.   They bring a fresh vibe to campus. I an thrilled to have a small part in shaping the future for these children.

We are primarily a health science school and most of the students will be with us for six years, walking out with doctoral degrees in Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Physician’s Assistant, and Pharmacy.  We also offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in science and healthcare.  These are the kids who will be responsible for your care in the future.  It is our responsibility to prepare them to for the challenges ahead.  My contribution is small, at best, I plan the events that mark the milestones of their education.  Honor Society Inductions, White Coat Ceremonies, Bachelor of Conferment Ceremonies, Commencement.   Best of luck to the classes of 2018, 2019, and 2020!

I am sure I will come home and just collapse on the couch tonight, probably order a pizza for dinner, but it will be totally worth it.   They are just starting out, honestly, they all think they are adults, but goodness, they just don’t have a clue yet about what life holds in store for them.   It is an honor to bear witness – just imagine what they will accomplish in their lifetime! I have the privilege of having a front row seat.  What a day this will be!


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