All in a Days Work

So many people ask me how I get home cooked meals on the table as often as I do considering my work schedule.  I have one word for you – PLANNING.   If I have the weekend off, I usually get up early, hit the local  butcher and farm stand.   On Sunday mornings, I get up early, peruse the sale ads and make my menu for the week.   I hit the grocery store early and if needed, the farmers market.

Once I get home, I start prepping.   I tend to wash, peel, and cut all the veggies I am going to need for the next three to four days and I separate them into containers.   If something is going to be cooked together – i.e. peppers and onions will be sautéed together, I put them in the same container.

Here is a shot of my kitchen counter, I was halfway through my prep and snapped a picture.

all in a days work

If you have the prep work done and all you have to do is assemble your dinner, it goes a long way to getting home made, delicious food on your dinner table on any given day.   By shopping and using whatever is on sale or in season, you save money and put the very best tasting food on your table.   Cheers!

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