Saturday Afternoon Lunch

On Saturday when I was prepping all of my meals for the week, I also prepped lunch for my hubby and I.  It was so hot and humid, neither of us was looking for a big lunch, we wanted something light and cool.  He chose a tuna salad sandwich, for me, I was in the mood for a tomato sandwich, it is summer after all!  My hubby likes his tuna to have a few veggies and a lot of mayo.  I am the complete opposite.   I like a boat load of veggies and a smidge of mayo.

Saturday afternoon lunch

For his tuna, I added some of the red onion that I diced, one carrot, diced, a spoonful of my homemade relish, and a good helping of mayo.   For my lunch, I sliced the rest of the large tomato that I had prepped for the Greek Quinoa Salad I was making for my work lunches this week and half a cucumber.

tomato sandwich

I just love summer sandwiches, the tomato was bursting with flavor, all I needed was a little sprinkle of salt and a smear of mayo on the bread.  YUM! The bread was perfectly toasted and certainly gave me a nice boost in my effort to eat at least nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

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