My New Desk

A couple of weeks ago, my niece came down with her family to visit.  She brought along an unexpected gift.   A desk that my grandfather made years ago.   I was beyond excited.  I have so many things from my grandmother Irene, but nothing from Pop Pop.  He had an incredible “shop” downstairs in the basement where he made or fixed everything under the sun.   I didn’t spend a lot of time with him in that room, truly, all I ever did was run in to grab ice cream out of the giant chest freezer that sat in that room, but I have many memories of the things he fixed or created with his own two hands.  To own something that he created just fills my soul.

pop pop's desk

It is a small desk, simple, and utilitarian in nature, but none the less, it is now mine.   I am grateful beyond measure and proud to display his work in my home.  I found the perfect stool and placed the desk on the wall between our two guest rooms.  I added a great lamp and thought it would be the perfect spot for someone to sit down and jot a note or check their email in a relatively quiet spot of the house.

Such a simple gesture, bringing me a part of my grandfather, who has long since passed, has made me so very happy.   It is a gift I will treasure forever and I thank my niece for bringing it and her father for letting go of such a precious family heirloom. It is amazing how something so simple, so beautiful, can bring such joy.

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