Week of Easy Peasy Comfort Food

I have been a little tired this week, reunion weekend was so much fun, but so exhausting.   Reunion weekend encompasses four days at our school, it all culminates with the big dinner dance on Saturday night.  Sunday we have a farewell brunch, but that is so low-key, people come and go, it is really an easy day and an easy event to run.  It is definitely the perfect event to end reunion weekend.

I was at work for 18 hours on Saturday, that doesn’t include my commute, and according to my FitBit, I walked 14.62 miles on Saturday checking on all of the activities we had planned.   Needless to say, I wanted easy, comforting food to get me through dinners this week.   I was smart enough to pull a batch of meatballs out of the freezer for dinner on Monday night.   All I had to do was heat up the meatballs/sauce and boil a pot of water.   I added a lovely green salad and some nice crusty bread and called it a night.

Tuesday night I made pork tenderloin with homemade mac and cheese.  That was exactly what I needed, cheese and pasta – how can you go wrong.

pork and mac

This is a picture of my husband’s plate.  The boy sure can eat.  I took some help from the store and bought a bag of pre shredded cabbage mix and made coleslaw as our side dish.   Not the healthiest dinner, but was so yummy.

Wednesday night I roasted a turkey breast, paired it with peas, mashed potatoes, and I made a loaf of homemade beer bread.



We had so many meetings this week that I was not able to take a day off to recover so I decided to be lazy about my lunches this week.   The grocery store I shop at makes a couple of nice fresh salsa’s, I picked up their southwest salsa and added it to cooked quinoa for my lunches this week.  It was exactly what I needed, spicy, fresh, loaded with vegetables and whole grains.

South west quinoa

All in all, I was happy that I didn’t have to resort to take out this week, I was able to put home-made meals on the table, every night.   I may have taken a few short cuts from the store, but I refuse to feel one iota of guilt. Dinner is about feeding people – not just by filling their bellies, but by sitting down at the table, talking, reconnecting, relaxing.  To me, it doesn’t matter if that dinner is from the local pizza shop, a hybrid of store-bought/homemade food, or all homemade food.  It is about fueling your body, restoring your soul, and reconnecting with friends and family.

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