Sunday Funday

After another long week of work, I decided we needed a treat to start the week off right – I made my Mom’s recipe for chocolate cake and topped it with chocolate ganache.

chocolate cake with chocolate ganache

YUM, it was exactly what we needed after dinner last night, it was the perfect way to end a Sunday evening.   Look how shiny and perfect the chocolate ganache turned out.  I served it while the chocolate was still a little warm, it was oozing over the sides of the cake.  I really, really considered licking my plate clean, I settled for scraping my fork along the plate to get every last bit of warm, melty, chocolately goodness from the plate.

I love making this cake, it makes the perfect amount, not too big, not too small.   I am not a huge fan of icing so the rich, deep, dark, chocolate ganache is absolutely perfect on top of the super easy, super simple cake. Yeah for Sunday dinners, the perfect excuse to make a luscious dessert to finish out the day!


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