Bribing College Students

Earlier this week we were having a video shoot with our President on campus.   Originally, we were to film outside of a classroom while a class was in session.   The film crew didn’t like the hallway,  so I needed to find another classroom PRONTO!  Thank goodness we had one on the first floor that fit exactly what they were looking for, with one giant problem, there wasn’t a class going on at the time we needed to film.

I immediately texted a bunch of our students, begging them to come over, books in hand, to save me in my time of need.   Quite a few of them texted back that they would love to help but they were headed to class.  Of course, class comes first, so I totally understood, but I was getting desperate!  To the students who hadn’t answered me back yet, I sent them a text stating if they would help me out, I would make each of them chocolate chip cookie dough truffles.  Well, that did the trick, within minutes I had eight students, dressed, and ready to be filmed outside of the classroom door.

Now, I always keep my promises – so – here they are – chocolate chip cookie dough truffles.   I promised to text the students when I arrive on campus so they can stop by and pick up their treats.

Choc Chip Truffles

I made a double batch because once my co workers find out, they will totally expect some as well.   My boss was amazed at how quickly the students responded, until one of them mentioned the truffles.   She turned to me and casually mentioned that she better receive a container of truffles, I laughed and said no problem, as long as she signed off on my expense report and didn’t question why I needed to buy sugar, flour, chips, and butter!

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