Thank Goodness I Finally Got Some Help…..

WHEW!  I finally hired an assistant at work, now I won’t have to work 90 hours a week, only 75, ha!  Anyway, sorry for the absence this week, I went in early each day to get work done, trained him during working hours and stayed last each day to finish up my work and answer emails.  I am a bit tired but it will be totally worth it in a few weeks.

Anyway, autumn has definitely arrived in Pennsylvania.  The days have been cool, the nights downright cold, and the sun is setting earlier and earlier each day.    I know I have said it before, but I love the light in the fall, the angle of the sun is just beautiful.  Here is a shot of some of my neighbors trees, I love the colors of the leaves against the dark sky, in the late afternoon light.

Fall Colors

A day like today just begs for a great bowl of soup, I started by making a pot of beans, then got to work on the soup.

Cooking Beans

I made a batch of pasta fagoili soup with a boatload of vegetables.   I am trying to ward off whatever sickness has been floating around school.  It hit the cross-country team, our president is down for the count and the admissions team are all sick as dogs.   I figured a nice, warm bowl of soup, chock full of vegetable goodness would be the perfect dinner choice.   Since the soup didn’t have any meat, I paired it with grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.

grilled cheese and ham pasta fagioli

Thank goodness my husband agrees that soup and a sandwich is a perfectly acceptable meal in the fall and winter.    I can’t wait to take the leftovers into work for my lunches this week!


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