Football Tailgate

Since I had the day off on Thursday, I decided to prep a few things for the football tailgate on Saturday.  Normally, we like to keep it simple, food you can turn into a sandwich or eat with your hands, but since this is going to be a night game, I decided to step things up a bit.    I am marinating a pork tenderloin that the hubby will grill up for the guys.  To go alongside, I have your standard chips/dip and a cheese/crackers/salami platter, but I wanted to make something that would go well with the pork and give the guys an actual dinner to fuel them up for the big game.

I made a big batch of homemade applesauce, cause you just can’t have pork in our family without some applesauce.

making applesauce

I wanted a hot side dish to round out the meal, so I sliced up some sweet potatoes and par boiled them.

Sweet Pots pots prepped for penn state

After draining them and letting them cool for a bit, I tossed them with salt, pepper, cinnamon, and olive oil.   All the guys will need to do is throw them on the grill to heat them up and caramelize the outside a bit.

I finished by making a batch of sauerkraut, I saute it with a bit of onion, grated carrot, and brown sugar.  I figure it is as close to a vegetable as I am going to get with this crew!


I just need to pick up a few last-minute items and the guys should be all set for Saturday, I am so grateful to have had Thursday off so I could get a jump-start on the food prep!

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