Chicken Tortilla Soup

Thursday was such a cold, blustery day.  The wind was so fierce all day.  I didn’t spend much time outside, but when I did, I was bundled up in my sweater.  The hubby came home from a business trip on Thursday and since I was home, I figured it was the perfect day to make soup.   We both love Chicken Tortilla, a nice spicy soup on a cold night, whoo hooo!

My recipe is loosely based on the recipe in the Daily Soup Cookbook.  I make this recipe several times a year, the flavors are just amazing, just enough heat to keep it interesting without being overwhelming, and who doesn’t like a good chicken soup?

Here is the recipe I use.  You can make this soup completely vegan by making it with vegetable stock and omitting the chicken.  I have made it both ways and it is truly delicious.  Plus the soup is just so darn colorful, it makes me happy to eat it.

tortilla soup

I found some crusty dinner rolls to go alongside the soup, they were topped with pumpkin seeds, yeah!   Autumn is in full swing here, I need warm, comforting food to face the chilly days, so thank goodness for soup.  I leave you with a few pictures of the leaves, they are falling fast, we have already had our first frost of the season, the good news is we only have  238 days until summer returns.

bare trees falling leaves

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