Losing Daylight

Today we change our clocks back to standard time.  While it will be nice to arrive at work in the daylight, I will really miss the evening light.  I definitely prefer to come home in the light, I would much rather be sitting at my desk, waiting for the sun to rise. Ah well, such is the cycle of life.  To make matters worse, my lovely husband has decided to share his bronchitis with me, wasn’t that nice of him?  So I feel crappy and now I am depressed about the lack of light in the evenings.

Thank goodness for chicken noodle soup. It was exactly what I needed to make myself feel better, all those lovely vegetables simmering in rich chicken stock, not only does it taste wonderful, it is so soothing, it nourishes my aching body, and warms me right up.  I would love to tell you that I took pictures of every step, but honestly, I am just so sick that I wanted to get it simmering on the stove so I could take a nap on the couch.

I did take a picture of the cute baby bow ties that I used as noodles.

chicken noodle soup

Happy Sunday to you all, and for those of you who celebrate Dia de los muertos, may your offerings be well received.

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