What a long week….

What a long week it has been, in five days I worked 70 hours.  The finale to my week was our largest fundraising event on campus.  This year, we honored one of our alums for her Service and Dedication to the University by throwing a huge bash!   We had a lovely cocktail reception followed by a four course sit down dinner with table side wine service.

For the reception, I kept the menu simple – carved beef tenderloin, shrimp cocktail shooters, imported cheeses, raw and roasted vegetables and an assortment of dips and spreads.   I didn’t want heavy hors d’oeuvre since we were following that up with a four course dinner.  I think everyone was very happy with my choices.    After an hour, we moved to the cafeteria for dinner.   We had transformed the space from a dining hall to an elegant venue for dinner.  It is amazing what some lighting, plants, and linen can do a for a space!

The first course was a plated roasted root vegetable salad with a blood orange vinaigrette.  This was followed by a roasted butternut squash soup with house made focaccia crouton.   The entrée course was a dual entrée of agave glazed chicken breast and pan seared salmon with a Thai chili glaze.  Our starch was a parmesan dusted fried polenta and our vegetable was oven roasted haricot vert with lemon and parsley.    The vegetarian option was a zucchini cake with slow roasted tomatoes and lemon creamed spinach.   Our final course was a dual dessert plate of white chocolate cranberry creme brulee and red velvet cake.

The band for the evening was fantastic, they had people up on the floor dancing between courses and once the meal was over, the dance floor was packed!  Lucy, our honoree, was thrilled with the evening.   Our President and Chairman of our Board of Trustees were among the last to leave.  All in all, it was a rousing success!

This is one of the last big events before the end of the year.  Once we come back from Thanksgiving break, we only have two weeks left in the semester.  I can’t believe we are almost at the end of the first semester, this year is just flying by.

I am grateful that I have this weekend off, I am still fighting this awful bronchitis and I am a bit tired from working so many hours this week.   My plan for the weekend is to relax, have a wonderful brunch with friends, and recharge for the rest of the events this year.

Happy Sunday!


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