Thank You to Our Veterans

Today we celebrate those who have served our country, kept us safe, and have sacrified for our freedom.  Words cannot express how grateful I am for your service so I will simply say, Thank  You.   Thank you for defending my freedom, thank you for serving on the front lines, thank you for bravery, thank you for your courage, and most of all, thank you for putting yourself in harm’s way for me, a person you will probably never meet.

If you get the chance today, thank a soldier for serving, pick up the tab for a veteran, or simply show your pride by flying the American Flag.   It is the least we can do to honor those who have served our country so well.

America may not be the greatest country in the world, but it is the place I call home.  I can’t imagine living anywhere else in the world.  We have our faults, to be sure, but I love being an American.  When push comes to shove, we pull together, during times of crisis, times of need, Americans step up and help.  I am proud of that and I am proud to support those people who defend me, defend America, and defend freedom around the world.

I like this blog post, from the United States Naval Institute, I think it is beautifully written and captures the essence of the day.   All gave some, some gave all – I thank you all for your service.  I mourn those who are no longer here and I pray for those still fighting the fight.

American Flag

American Flag

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