Chicken Pot Pie

Sometimes what you really need is for someone else to make dinner.   I worked on Saturday, we hosted a Science Olympiad event for 170 Philadelphia School District students and their coaches.  It was a fun, if exhausting day, my word, 8th grade boys have wayyyyyy too much energy! Anyway, I stopped on the way home and picked up a few last-minute gifts and I just didn’t have the energy to make dinner.  Thank goodness there is a Costco on the way home.  I picked up a chicken pot pie, put it on a cookie sheet and baked it off.

blog post 12.14.14 001

Now, I truly do prefer my own cooking but  what I really needed was a warm, comforting meal with my husband and I thank goodness the good people at Costco prepared this dish for me to take home. All in all, it wasn’t my favorite meal, but it was filling and it allowed me time to relax before dinner.  At this time of year, I need to relax more than I need a gourmet meal.  Here’s hoping you have all of your holiday shopping done.   I am almost there….now I just have to wrap it all!

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