The shortest day of the year has finally arrived.   From now until June, the days will get longer, the sun will shine just a little bit more each and every day.  Just the thought of that makes the cold, dark days of winter bearable. I am glad for the changing of the seasons, as much as I enjoy the warmth and light of summer, I think we all need downtime.  I like to think of winter as my down time.   Time to relax, reflect, and renew.  Today I have a bit of holiday shopping to finish up and some final touches to put on the holiday presents for the office.  A last-minute push to get everything done before Christmas.

My plans for the evening are to light some candles and let them burn all night long to ensure the sun will come up tomorrow.  I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow knowing that we have longer days ahead.

Sunday Morning Sunrise

It is pictures like this that get me through the long, cold days of winter. Happy Winter Solstice – bring on the LIGHT!


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