Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas Eve dinner was a smashing success!

christmas dinner

While it did rain for a bit of the day, we decided to grill the lamb chops anyway and since the grill was on, I added some zucchini to the mix.  All I needed was a baked potato and we had one spectacular meal.

We followed this up with bowls of rice pudding for dessert and went to bed at a reasonable hour.  It was a perfectly relaxing night, good food and even better company!

I am really hoping that the old folklore is true, I made a garlic, rosemary and mustard rub for the lamb – according to legend, smelling rosemary on Christmas Eve will bring you happiness all year-long.  I figured it was worth a try – even if it doesn’t work, it made the lamb taste amazing!

I am not sure what I am making for New Year’s Eve this year,  but I think it will be tough to top the lamb.  Happy Holidays!

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