2015 is starting off with a bang!

Thank goodness we had two and a half weeks off of work, I needed the time to relax, rest, and regroup.  We started back on Monday January 5th and I had an event every single day at work.  It has been crazy busy.  Also, the president of our university unexpectedly resigned over break so there was a lot of uncertainty going into the week.  To say I have been under a lot of pressure and stress would be an understatement.

First the good news…..the man who has agreed to act as our interim president is awesome, it really gave everyone a sense of relief that we have someone who genuinely cares about the university in charge while the board comes up with a succession plan.

Second, more good news…..my kitchen back splash is finally DONE!  Whoo hooo, it has been a long process, but definitely worth the effort.  I am so grateful to my husband and neighbor for all of their hard work.  it looks amazing! I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Canyon Creek, Year 3 015



Third, because of the kitchen project and my work schedule, I didn’t cook a thing in my kitchen until Thursday night.  While making dinner and getting ready to take some photo’s we had a small plumbing issue (nothing serious), and dinner was put on low until it was resolved.  We finally got a chance to eat at 9pm and the last thing on my mind were photos!  I kept it simple, pan-fried pork chops with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, and peas.  Easy, simple, filling, comfort food.

Friday night we had sausage and peppers with a side of pasta.  I used really colorful peppers and it looked so pretty.  I completely forgot to snap a photo before eating, so I am afraid you will just need to take my word for it!

Today, I need to head into work for an event this afternoon, as I said, it has been a busy week.  Thank goodness the students come back on Monday, it has been quiet without them and I can’t wait to hear all about their time at home.

One last thing – I need to wish my great aunt H a happy birthday! May 2015 be your best year yet.  I love you.

So how was your first full week of 2015? Eventful, exciting, exhausting?

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