Winter Baking

So Sunday was a complete wash out, we started the morning with a horrible layer of ice and it didn’t clear until late afternoon.   By that point, I just had no interest in going to the store and running my errands, so I pulled out my flour, sugar, butter, and started baking.  I love being inside baking on days when the weather is less than ideal.  It keeps me busy and happy, I just love being in my kitchen, but it also warms up the house and makes it smell amazing!

I made my mother’s Wacky Cake recipe with a layer of luscious chocolate ganache on top for dessert after dinner.  I figured after the week I had, I deserved a decadent, deeply chocolate dessert to start out the week.

blog post 1.19.2015 010

We had a donation drive happening at work on Monday, I thought I would bring a batch of peanut butter blossom cookies in for the volunteers to snack on throughout the day.  The students were especially thrilled with my baking skills and I think the cookies only lasted an hour before they were all gone.

pb blossoms

It wasn’t the way I had intended on spending my Sunday, but non the less, it was a relaxing way to spend it!


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