Happy Early Dismissal!

Wednesday of this week, I was supposed to have two meetings after work, so I pulled out a batch of meat sauce from the freezer and the hubby was going to “make dinner” by heating up the sauce and boiling water for pasta.   The forecast was calling for snow, but only a few inches of accumulation.  I was SHOCKED when they closed our offices two hours early.  I was even more amazed when my two meetings were cancelled due to weather.  I did what any smart person would do, I took every back road home (major highways were JAMMED with people leaving early from work) and made it home in record time.

I called the hubby from the car and offered to make lasagna for dinner instead of penne with meat sauce.  He was thrilled.   I picked up some ricotta and mozzarella and headed home.

blog post 1.23.15 001

First thing I did was soften my noodles in hot water (thank you Giada and Ina for that tip!).  While the noodles were soaking, I changed my clothes, then sliced up the mozzarella cheese and mixed the ricotta with an egg.

Once the noodles were ready, I began to layer the sauce, noodles and cheese.  Simple, easy dinner, especially since the sauce was already done!  I put the pan in the oven, sat down and read quite a few chapters in the book I have been reading.  An hour later, I pulled out the pan, topped it with the remaining mozzarella cheese and cooked it for another ten minutes.   I let the casserole sit for ten minutes and we dug in.   It was an unexpected weeknight treat and the hubby was beyond happy.   Snow delays might be my favorite part of winter, especially when they end in such a yummy dinner.

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