Garlicky Greens

Last year when we had the CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture), we ate TONS of greens each week.  They farmer changed his pick up day to the absolute worse day of the week for me so I didn’t sign up for the 2014/2015 season.  I loved that each week we had our pick of beautiful produce and it was such a challenge to come up with interesting recipes, week after week, for some many vegetables.   I do have to say, with any CSA, you get a LOT of greens.  The good news is the hubby and I both love greens, but sometimes, you need a break from dark, leafy greens.

Fast forward to this year, and I feel like we really haven’t eaten a lot of greens this fall/winter.   I picked up some for the soup I made earlier this week and I realized just how much I was missing them so for dinner last night, I stopped and picked up another batch.

I slow roasted a pork tenderloin in the oven along with a butternut squash and once both of them were done, I quickly sautéed a mixture of swiss chard, spinach, and kale with a boatload of garlic.   It was exactly what we needed, a boost of healthy garlic and greens to ward off the cold the hubby has been fighting!

blog post 1.30.15 002

I need to start adding greens back into our veggie rotation, they are not only good,  but so good for you!

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