Prepping for Lent

This year feels like it is flying by already!  I can’t believe that next week is the start of lent. It is the only time of year I get away with serving meatless meals to the hubby without any complaints, whoo hooo! Anyway, it also starts my busy season at work.  The spring semester is jam-packed with events and it seems to go by even faster than the fall semester.  All of it culminates with Commencement, which as you can imagine, takes up a fair chunk of my time.  At least this year I will have some help, thank goodness!

With all of that in mind, I decided to spend Sunday afternoon making and freezing potato and cheese pierogi.  The difference between a home-made pierogi and frozen is just unbelievable.  Once you have the real thing, you can’t go back to buying a box of frozen from the store freezer.  They make a great side dish for so many meats, but during lent, I have been known to serve them as our main entrée with a lovely green salad on the side.  Because they are already cooked before they go into the freezer, it is just a matter of defrosting and heating them through, making them a really quick side dish (or entrée!) when you are pressed for time.

cooked pierogi uncooked pierogi

Speaking of time, making pierogi from scratch is not a quick endeavor.   I made the potato filling the night before (5 lbs of potatoes, 2 lbs of cheese, 1 lb of melted butter, and two onions, diced) so it had time to cool.   I use my Babci’s recipe for dough – it usually makes about 25-30, depending on the size of the pierogi.  If I make the filling the night before, it usually takes me about 4 hours to use all of the filling.   I can usually get about 80 pierogi from 5 lbs of potatoes.  Enough to feed us and still have bags to give away.

Every time I make them, I always have to make double what we will eat, there are so many people who would be devastated if they didn’t get a bag.  This time was no exception, I shared pierogi with my neighbors and co workers and tucked a few bags in the freezer for us.   I was going to make a batch of sweet pierogi, but I just ran out of time after making so many potato and cheese.  Ah well, there is always next time.

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