Snowy Saturday

Saturday was a busy day at work, I had three events, back to back and worked a lovely 12 hour day.  Now, normally, working that many hours doesn’t even faze me, but the weather on Saturday was awful.  We were supposed to get a little snow, followed by a brief period of freezing rain, then as the temperatures warmed up, we were supposed to end the day with rain.   I, along with many others, really expected the snow to melt and turn to rain by the time I left work.  That was not the case!  The streets hadn’t been salted or brined, and there was not a snow plow in sight.

Thank goodness my friend Cat and her hubby live so close to work, they have offered to shelter me in the storm!  I rode home from work with Cat’s hubby (we all work at the same University) and I had a wonderful evening.   They are amazing friends and I am so grateful to have them in my life, plus, snowstorm = sleepover, which is always fun.

I had made several batches of chocolate chip cookies for my employee – it was his birthday and I promised him cookies.  Well, word got around and I ended up making multiple batches of cookies Friday night after work.   It was actually really great planning, because I was able to bring some of the cookies with me to Cat’s house and we had them for dessert, yeah ME!

choc chip cookies

How did you spend your Saturday night?


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