Brats and Beans

Monday night I was craving vegetables and I needed a meal that didn’t make much in the way of leftovers since the hubby was leaving on a business trip Tuesday morning.  I had three brats in the freezer, begging to be used up so I picked up a few peppers, a bag of shredded cabbage, a container of tomatoes, and a cucumber.  It was a weird combination, but in the end it all worked perfectly!

I made coleslaw with the cabbage and sautéed the peppers with some sliced onions.   Next I made a quick salad of tomatoes and cucumbers with garlic, olive oil and vinegar.  This was strictly for me, the hubby doesn’t like tomatoes.  I heated up a small can of baked beans and ta-da, dinner in a flash!

blog post 2.25.15 009 blog post 2.25.15 011blog post 2.25.15 017

I had a brat, the tomato salad and peppers, a big plate of mostly vegetables was exactly what I needed.  The hubby was thrilled, he loved his dinner of beer, brats, coleslaw, and beans.   As for me, I was smart enough to sleep in the guest bedroom and avoid the inevitable.

blog post 2.25.15 019



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