Thursday Snow Day

Well the winter weather continues.  Thursday we had accumulating snow and our university shut down for the day.  I figured this would be the case so I brought home my lap top and a boatload of work.   We had a two-day, city-wide, college conference that was scheduled for Friday and Saturday, with Thursday being the prep day for the entire team.  Closing the school put us in a world of hurt and I started with text messages, back up plans, and emails at 5am.

At 6:30am, I took a break and started a pot of chicken stock.  I have been craving my MomMom’s Chicken Pot Pie and I figured this was the perfect day to make it!

I diced the vegetables for the stock and the pot pie and then took the whole chicken and broke it down into parts.   All of that went into a pan with water and cooked for four hours.

making stock stock

After four hours, I took it off the heat and strained the stock.  I discarded the bones, vegetables, and herbs and shredded the meat.   I wanted to de fat the stock, so I put it in a pan with a lid and set it outside in the snow for an hour.


After the stock cooled and the fat congealed, I removed the fat, strained the stock and made the pot pie.  Our house smelled amazing all day long and I couldn’t wait to dive in and eat those home-made noodles.  This was a perfect snowy day dinner.

PA Pot Pie

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