What a difference…

Oh my word, what a difference a week makes….this  time last week we were preparing for another snow storm.  Today, the sun is shining and the temperatures are expected to reach the low 50’s!  The snow has melted enough that I can see my crocus popping out of the ground. Spring is coming, whoo hoo!  Here is a picture from last year.  The crocus are not blooming yet, but they should be soon.

blog post 3.12.14 002

In honor of the spring like temperatures we have been having this week, I took advantage of the lack of snow on our deck and grilled dinner last night.

blog post 3.11.15 002

Steaks on the grill, baked potatoes, and a lovely salad.  I would have taken a picture of my plate, but to be honest, it looked so good and I was so hungry that I completely forgot to grab my camera before taking that first bite.  Just over a week until spring actually arrives, if you live in the Philadelphia region – don’t forget your free water ice on Friday March 20th at Rita’s!

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