Sunday’s Smothered Pork Chops

Sunday afternoon I knew I would be tired.  Between starting work at 5am on Saturday, logging over twelve miles on my fit bit working two city wide events on campus, and the time change on Sunday, I just wanted an easy dinner for Sunday that could cook, slowly, for a few hours, while I rested on the couch with my feet up.

I couldn’t decide what to make for dinner – I had worked fifteen days straight at that point and I was just too tired to think.  I pulled out a few cookbooks for inspiration and came across a recipe for Smothered Pork Chops from the Staffmeals from Chanterelle Cookbook on my shelf.  I love this book, it makes me miss working in restaurant kitchens.  I miss the camaraderie, I miss the drama of churning out plate after plate of beautiful, delicious food, the team work that it takes to plate every entrée for the table at the same time and have it look visually appealing and be cooked perfectly.

Anyway, the recipe for the pork chops looked easy, sounded amazing, and would take a few hours to cook.  Perfect!  Now all I had to do was find thick cut pork chops.  Not an easy task it turned out.  I ended up buying a pork loin roast and cutting the chops myself.  I cut a few chops and put the rest of the roast in the freezer to be cooked at a later date.

I started by browning the chops in a cast iron skillet

blog post 3.8.15 611

Once they were done, I lowered the heat and caramelized two sliced onions.

blog post 3.8.15 614

After they reached a lovely golden color, I sprinkled them with flour, deglazed the pan with white wine and added herbs and chicken stock.  I brought the liquid to a boil, then reduced it to a simmer and topped it with a lid.  I let it cook for two hours on low.  The house smelled divine.   I couldn’t wait for dinner. I made mashed potatoes and peas as our side dishes and dug in.

blog post 3.8.15 617

Everything worked together beautifully, it was truly an easy meal to put together and didn’t require me to stand on my feet for too long in the kitchen. It was nice to have a meal that didn’t require much attention so I could recharge for the coming week.  This is crunch time at work and in addition to that our Men’s Basketball Team made the NCAA Playoffs for the first time in our history.  We have viewing parties, pep rally’s, and bus transportation to arrange this week in addition to all of the events we already have scheduled.    Whew, never a dull moment in the spring semester.  Go DEVILS!

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