They keep winning, so I keep baking….

So yeah, our Men’s team won yesterday!  They will play again today and if they advance, they play again on Tuesday.   All of this has created a lot of excitement on campus, to be sure, but it has also inspired a few text messages asking for more baked goods.    I told them as long as they keep winning, I will keep baking.  I figure  it is only fair!

We showed the game on the big screen TV during the lunchtime session of our Admissions event.  I was really surprised at how many prospective students/parents were interested in the game, it really made me proud.   We ended up winning by 17 points and had some really exciting 3 point shots in the course of the game.

I have been working a lot of long days, nights, and weekends – the spring semester is always a trial of endurance, but I was especially tired yesterday when I got home.   All the way home I seriously debated the merits of ordering take out for dinner.  In the end, I stopped at the store and did the next best thing, I went for easy and quick.   I picked up a package of chicken cutlet and a container of pre sliced assorted wild mushrooms.    I had Marsala wine at home as well as chicken stock.

The hubby has been better with eating mushrooms, he likes the flavor, just not the texture.  He asked me to cut the mushrooms really small, so I did.   In less than 30 minutes I had dinner on the table.

I started by dredging the chicken in flour and browning it in the pan.  I removed it to a plate to rest.  After removing the chicken, I sautéed the mushrooms until golden brown, deglazed the pan with Marsala wine and added chicken stock and a few pats of butter.  Once that had reduced a bit, I added the chicken back in and let it heat through while I finished the rest of dinner.

blog post 3.15 016blog post 3.15 019

I topped it with a bit of minced parsley for color.  I made rice and oven roasted some asparagus to finish out the meal.   Not to shabby after being on my feet for ten hours!  In all fairness, I should tell you that once dinner was done, I didn’t move from the couch until it was time for bed.   I have some class prep to do today and I really need to grocery shop, but at 5pm, I will be in front of my computer, screening the basketball game. Go DEVILS!

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