1st Day of Spring?

And it snowed.  A wet heavy, snow, that clung to the tree branches, bending them low to the ground.   However; I refuse to let it dampen my spirits.  Today is the first day of spring, temperatures will reach the 50’s tomorrow and I can’t wait!  I am working both days of the weekend, but I have Monday off and it looks like it will be a beautiful day.

I had a late afternoon event today for our pharmacy students so I left a bit later than usual from work, add that to the normal Friday night traffic and the last snow fall of winter, and the commute home was quite long.   I originally planned on making fish taco’s for dinner, but the best laid plans of mice and men had me changing them after two hours on the road.   I called the hubby and we ordered a large Sicilian pizza for dinner.  I picked it up on my way home and we enjoyed our take out dinner in front of the fire, watching the last of the snow flakes fall from the sky. Not a bad way to end a long work week, especially if you have to work the weekend.

I can tell you that the lines for free water ice, were around the block – I guess a little snow isn’t going to keep people away from their first day of spring ritual!  Happy Spring!  I am looking forward to the lush green beauty that Mother Nature graces us with this time of year.  Here are some pictures of my flowers from last year to keep you in the Spring Spirit.

LilacBattery District Houses (46)

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