Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

I usually try for a traditional Irish meal on St. Patrick’s day, but this year the hubby was scheduled to be out-of-town and I had work load that was just shy of insane so I opted for easy and Irish-American instead!  I picked up a corned beef and cooked it on the stove top for a few hours, until it was tender.  It allowed me to finish up a bunch of work while it gently cooked on the stove, BONUS!

About a half hour before the meat was done, I brought a pan of small new potatoes to a boil and once they were done, I tossed them with a generous handful of freshly minced parsley and an unhealthy amount of butter.   After four hours, I tested the meat and removed it to a warm platter to rest.  I added a half a head of cabbage, that I had cut into wedges, to the broth in the pan.  It only took about 15 minutes for the cabbage to wilt down and become tender.

corned beef

I served dinner with a selection of mustard’s and a side of vinegar for the cabbage.   It was delicious, not exactly traditional, but really tasty.   I really wanted to try this recipe for baked corned beef, but I really needed to get some work done and when I try a new recipe, I really prefer to take my time and pay attention.  I guess there is always next year!

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