Saturday Night Roast Chicken

So I worked both weekend days, but Saturday was by far the easier of the two days, I was done and on my way home by 1:30pm!  (On a side note – Congratulations to my Occupational Therapy students on receiving your pin – way to go!)

Knowing that I had a long day of work on Sunday and that I will have worked eight days straight at that point, I opted to make a big, comforting meal on Saturday night, allowing me to plan a night of leftovers on Sunday.  Brilliant planning, if I do say so myself or maybe I am just old and wise enough to know my limits? Either way, it was a decision I was happy about!

I stopped at the store and picked up a whole chicken to roast.   I LOVE the smell of chicken roasting, nothing is more comforting to me than a meal of roast chicken and mashed potatoes.  Your whole house just smells inviting and the tension of the day just melts away as you dig into the juicy goodness of perfectly seasoned and roasted chicken.  Heck, any meal that involves homemade gravy and mashed potatoes is a winner in my book, but roast chicken takes it to a whole other level.

Using the neckbone that came in the cavity of the chicken, along with some bones and bits I had stashed in the freezer, I made a quick batch of chicken broth.   After the chicken was finished roasting,  I degreased the drippings and added the pan juices to the broth for gravy.  Once the chicken had rested, I had the hubby carve it up while I finished mashing the potatoes and steaming the vegetables.

roast chicken dinner

In my hurry to eat, I almost forgot to take a picture, thank goodness the hubby hadn’t dug into his plate yet, I was able to snap a quick photo!  All in all, it was a wonderful Saturday night, after dinner, I put my feet up and read a good book while the hubby watched college basketball.   It was nice to have a relaxing evening to recharge my weary body and get ready for my very busy Sunday at work.

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