Sharp Knives

Goodness gracious, I know better, I am a professional, for pete’s sake.   Yesterday after a long day of work, I got home and started prepping dinner.   My knives have been in desperate need of sharpening for a while now, but I just haven’t had the time, well……now I need to make the time.  I sliced the tip of my finger rather badly last night because I was pushing too hard to get the knife through the vegetables I was prepping.  I know better and I have no excuse!   The good news is that I was almost done with my prep and I was able to finish dinner without a problem.

After we ate, I wrapped my hand in bandages and waited for the bleeding to stop.   Sunday morning, I pulled out the sharpening stone and all of my knives.  I spent the better part of an hour sharpening.

What they say is true, a knife cut from a sharp  knife hurts and bleeds less than one from a dull knife, trust me…..I know from experience!  So I guess my advice to you today is spend some time taking care of your tools, it really is better for you, your food, and your fingers.


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