Asian Chicken

Our next international meal of the week was Asian in nature – I tossed some boneless skinless chicken in a sesame garlic marinade before leaving for work.   Once I got home, all I had to do was fire up the grill and make sides.

It was a nice refreshing change to the heavier meals we had been eating all week and as a bonus, the weather was gorgeous, sunny and 52!


I cheated a bit by using a store-bought marinade and the rice was the Rice a Roni Teriyaki Rice flavor.  I can’t remember the last time I bought a box of flavored rice, I usually make my own, but for whatever reason, the box on the shelf was calling my name this week!  I did saute a bag of snow peas with a bit of garlic and sesame oil.  The plate looked so pretty, I just wanted to skip the photo and dive right in.  There is a bit of chicken left in the fridge, I think I am going to make some chicken salad for my lunch.  I figure the asian flavors would be perfect with a light dressing of sesame oil and rice wine vinegar over a bed of greens.  I bought some scallions to slice and serve with the salad.  I think it will give me a nice flavor component and look really pretty on the plate.  I am in midst of deciding what to have for dinner tomorrow to keep the international theme alive and well in our house.

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