Easter Sunday

So Saturday night we dyed a few eggs to get into the spirit of the holiday, not too many, because the hubby was leaving on Monday for a week-long business trip and I can only eat so many hard-boiled eggs in one week!

Easter 2015 001

Sunday we started the day with a lovely breakfast.  I made bacon and buttermilk pancakes and we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast.  The hubby gave me a pot of tulips as my Easter present, they looked so pretty in the early morning light.

Easter 2015 012Easter 2015 004

Once breakfast was cleaned up, I started prepping for dinner.  I really wanted the work out of the way because the sun was shining, the temperature was hovering around 65 degrees and I desperately wanted to be outside. I made carrot cake for dessert and while it was cooling,  I peeled some of the hard-boiled eggs and used them to make deviled eggs.   I cleaned and trimmed the asparagus, I peeled and sliced the potatoes and onions for the gratin, and I made the marinade for the rack of lamb.   I started a batch of dough for our dinner rolls and then frosted the cake.

Once all of that was done, I headed outside and cleaned up a few garden beds, dead headed my rose bushes and then took a lovely walk in the sunshine.    After I got back from my walk, I made lunch, put the rack of lamb in the marinade and proceeded to sit outside on the deck, in the sun, with a book.   It was a nice relaxing Easter Sunday.

Easter 2015 016

All I had left to do was assemble dinner and cook.   I hope all of you enjoyed your holiday!

Easter 2015 017 Easter 2015 022 Easter 2015 023 Easter 2015 027


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