Finals have started…..

Whoo Hoo!  Finals started yesterday, which means I am no longer working every single weekend!  Planning for the Conferment and Commencement ceremonies is in full swing, keeping me very busy, but I have a break from all of the nights and weekends for a bit.  I am really looking forward to our Friday’s off in the summer.  I have quite a few projects that I would like to tackle.

Speaking of summer, we had grilled chicken with BBQ for dinner last night.  It was so yummy and definitely put me in the mood for summer food.   I had spent the weekend with my niece and her family in Massachusetts and for goodness sake, it snowed on my drive up.   While I was thrilled to be visiting with family, I was happy to come home to warmer weather and sunshine.  I am just not cut out for cold weather nine months out of the year!

Back to the chicken – the hubby picked up a package of boneless, skinless chicken breasts and some fresh broccoli for dinner.  We tend to grill year round, but especially when the weather warms up, we are always outside on the deck and last night was no exception.   Sitting in the warm sun, relaxing with a good book before cooking up a quick dinner is the perfect way to start the week off right!

I made some yellow rice and steamed the broccoli and we dug in.

BBQ chicken

Nice colorful dinner that tasted just as good as it looked!

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