Zucchini Bread

As some of you might know, the first round of the NFL draft took place on Thursday night.  My nephew came in to town to watch it with friends and asked if he could crash at our house for the night.  I said sure!  The draft was scheduled to start at 8pm, so I knew he wouldn’t be getting up early the next morning but I needed to be at work by 7am.  What is a good hostess to do when she knows she won’t be able to fix breakfast for her guests to the next morning? I made a batch of zucchini bread and bought some yogurt and granola.

blog 5.2.15 001 blog 5.2.15 013

I was up and out of the house only a few hours after he went to bed, we missed each other completely, but hopefully he slept well and enjoyed his breakfast.  I did leave a note that he was welcome to take one of the loaves home to share with his wife and kids – hopefully he shared it with them and didn’t eat it on the way home!

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