A little cake to ease the pain

Quite a few friends, co workers and family members are down for the count with some injury or ailment right now.  I feel so bad for each and every one of them and at a loss as to how to help.   All of them know that I would do anything they need or ask, I went to visit two of the injured Saturday afternoon and felt the need to show up with some kind of offering to soothe the pain.

For me, the best way I know to show you I care is to cook or bake for you.  I leave the soul and the body for others to heal, I help heal the body with home-made gifts, designed to get you back on your feet and in fighting shape!

I stopped by my cousin’s house yesterday afternoon with a still warm pound cake.   Something easy, that you can eat for dessert or with a cup of coffee at breakfast.   I figured he needed something sweet to combat the pain he was in after taking a nasty spill on his bike.  He was in the midst of training for the Ride Across America.  He is an amazing person, you will never meet a better person, one who cares so deeply about others.  I am grateful that he is my cousin, he inspires me to look beyond myself to the world at large and ask what I can do for others.  Hopefully, he took some small measure of comfort from my visit and of course, the pound cake. His daughters were coming home that afternoon from college and I know that will make him a very happy papa!

butter cake

After leaving his house, I stopped by the hospital to visit one of my former neighbors.  She has had her fair share of health issues in the past, but this time, due to circulation complications, her left leg was amputed just above the knee.   She came through the surgery well and is in the rehab center learning to cope with the loss of her leg.  I found her in great spirits, having kind words for all of her nurses and therapists.  Always one to look on the bright side of things, she will not let this keep her down.   She is doing so well they are going to release her next week.  She is thrilled that she will be home for Mother’s Day.  Her children will be coming over and she is making them cook her dinner – she told me she would be fine with burgers and dogs on the grill – she just wanted to spend time with her whole family.  I left feeling humble and grateful to have such a positive influence in my life.  A nice reminder that even when life throws you lemons, you have it in you to make the choice to lament about sour lemons or rejoice and make lemonade.  I brought her flowers and promised to make dinner for her once she was home.  She gave me a list of the things she wanted me to make, so I have my work cut out for me and I can’t wait until she is back home again.

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