Dinner on the Deck

Finally!  The weather has gotten so nice, we were able to eat dinner on the deck Saturday night.  I have been waiting for this day since the fall. The day was just beautiful, 72 degrees and sunny.  The skies were a beautiful shade of blue and the leaves on the trees were a perfect shade of green.  I just LOVE spring!  My tulips have started to bloom and in a few more days I should have lilac blossoms. The hubby and I love spending time outside in this weather and knowing we would be able to eat outside made the perfect ending to a beautiful spring day.  I knew I would be away for most of the day visiting friends and family so I prepped dinner in the morning by marinating some boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a garlic and herb marinade. After my visit at the hospital,  I stopped by the store and picked up a bunch of asparagus and some rice pilaf.

chx dinner

It took barely any time at all to get dinner on the table once I got home.   The hubby started the grill while I prepped the asparagus with olive oil, salt and pepper and started the rice.   He grilled up the chicken, then the asparagus and we set the outdoor table.  While we were putting the food on the table, I happen to look to my right and saw the moon rising over the trees.  It looked so pretty, I whipped out my camera, changed the lens and snapped a few photos.


I am looking forward to more beautiful spring days, but there is something so magical  about the first perfect spring day.  I feel like nothing can keep me down right now, the world is awakening and the possibilities are endless!  Go outside and enjoy the sunshine, it will do wonders for you, I guarantee it!

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