London Broil

Back when I was Catering Director for the University, I had the fortune of working with a lovely line cook, Christian.  He was by no means a fancy cook, plated VIP dinners were not his forte, but give that man a tough cut of meat and a few hours and his genius was off the charts.  That man could turn any cut of meat into the most tender, flavorful, succulent meal you have ever eaten.

One night he made us London Broil for dinner.  I was expecting a tough cut, quickly cooked and thinly sliced across the grain.  What I got was a melt in your mouth tender, piece of meat that shredded under my fork, no knife required.   I just had to know how he did it!  He said it was totally simple, buy a bottle of marinade, any kind you like, put it and the London Broil in a pan, turn to coat the meat with the liquid, cover the pan with foil and bake at 325 degrees for 2-3 hours until fork tender.  I just couldn’t believe it could be that simple, so that weekend I went home and tried it. Guess what, it is totally that simple.

Ever since, whenever I get in the mood for a nice, tender, and inexpensive beef dinner, I pick up a bottle of marinade and a London Broil.

blog post 5.6.15 003

Sunday was warm and sunny, barely a cloud in the sky.  I was really craving beef, but I just wasn’t in the mood for steak. The store had London Broil on sale so I picked one up and a bottle of steakhouse marinade.   I also purchased a disposable pan, I just wasn’t in the mood to turn on my oven, I really wanted to use the grill for dinner.   It was so easy, I used the indirect heat method on our gas grill and the meat turned out beautifully!  I paired it with some hasselback potatoes and sauteed spinach.  I made a garlic and herb butter to use on the potatoes and it was delicious, so delicious in fact, I used some to cook the spinach as well.

blog post 5.6.15 001

I added the potatoes to the grill after the meat had been on for an hour.  Once the meat and potatoes were done, I quickly sauteed the spinach and we were able to enjoy a nice dinner out on the deck.  What a great Sunday night dinner!

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