Pork Taco Tuesday

Originally Tuesday night was going to be the only night I was home for dinner this week, work is just JAMMED with Commencement Activities.   Well the best laid plans of mice and men, people.  Our regalia orders for Conferment and Commencement shipped and were supposed to arrive on Friday, by Monday afternoon they were AWOL.  They finally found my shipment late Monday night and promised me that it would arrive at my door by 10am on Tuesday.

Tuesday, in honor of cinco de mayo, I put a pork roast in my crock pot with a boatload of spices, several peeled garlic cloves and a box of chicken stock before leaving for work.  I figured it would slow cook all day and be fork tender by the time I got home.   I was planning on pork taco’s for dinner.  Well, the truck didn’t arrive at 10am, it was scheduled to arrive by 3pm, then it was guaranteed to arrive by 5pm………the truck finally pulled into my parking lot at 7:30pm.   Luckily for me, the hubby is pretty adept at making himself tacos, as long as the meat part is done for him, he can put shredded cheese, shredded cabbage, and salsa in a soft taco like a pro.  I called him to explain the situation and told him to eat without me.

I would love to tell you I have pictures of the finished dinner, but alas, I was at work, waiting on a truck and he didn’t even think about photos.  I had a little of the shredded meat when I finally got home at 9pm, and it was delicious, if I do say so myself!  Ah well, there is always next year to celebrate with tacos and tequila!

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