Turkey Tenderloins

Thursday night I wanted to grill something for dinner.  The weather was just perfect and I couldn’t stand the thought of being inside for one more minute.  The end of the work day couldn’t come soon enough for me!  I just couldn’t decide what to make so I was perusing the meat case and came across some turkey tenderloin.  The hubby and I love turkey and I thought they would be perfect on the grill.  I picked up a bottle of lemon garlic marinade for them and headed home.

While they were hanging out in the fridge, I was hanging outside, sitting on the deck and soaking up the last of the evening sunshine.   After relaxing for a bit, we started the grill and put on the turkey.

I made a box of Goya’s yellow rice and we grilled some zucchini to go alongside.  It was such a pretty meal, and really tasty.  The marinade was delicious and the hubby did a great job cooking the turkey.

turkey turkey dinner

I love that we are grilling dinner and eating outside almost every night now.  We (ok, the hubby…..) has been working on painting the first floor of our house, so our kitchen table is kind of catch-all for right now.  I love that the weather has been so nice that we don’t have to clear off the table, we just head outside to eat.  I can’t wait until the painting project is done, but I love the inconvenience of not being able to eat dinner inside this time of year!

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