Heirloom Restaurant

Friday night we celebrated my birthday at Heirloom Restaurant in Palm.   It is a new farm to table restaurant located where Cab Frye’s Tavern used to be on Route 29.   I had heard good things about the restaurant and was eager to try it.  The farmer we have our CSA with provides the restaurant with quite a bit of their produce and they were the ones who recommended we stop by.  We don’t often go out for dinner, the hubby travels so much that when he is home, he prefers home cooked meals and goodness knows I like making the.

The restaurant has a list of drink specials with locally sourced, house made ingredients.   I had a lovely thyme infused cocktail and the hubby chose one of their micro brewed beers on tap.

It was definitely a treat for us to go out and enjoy a meal prepared by someone other than me!  We started with appetizers, I got the Mushroom Turnover – mushrooms in phyllo, served with a roasted garlic goat cheese and a small mixed salad on the side.  The presentation was so impressive and the turnover was delicious.  I LOVED the garlic goat cheese.  My only complaint was that the greens were not dressed, it is a small thing, but in the end details like that can make or break a dish.  I was happy with my choice, but it could have been just a bit better.

The hubby chose the Baby Kale and Pea Shoot Salad with a Poached Wild Fox Farm Egg on top.  He ate every single bite and said it was absolutely fantastic!

For our entrees, the hubby chose the Halibut and I had the NY Strip Steak.   They had run out of the starch option for the Halibut so they had to substitute the Sage Potato Latke for Jerusalem Artichokes.  I have no idea how the Sage Potato Latke is, but the Jerusalem Artichokes were amazing.  The plate presentation was just beautiful, the fish was stacked on top of the vegetables and surrounded by pickled kumquats.  The visual palate created by the white fish, deep green spinach, and yellow kumquats made it almost too pretty to eat.   Thankfully, we don’t have an issue with destroying artful presentations.

My dinner tasted amazing and my steak was perfectly, and I do mean perfectly, cooked.   It came with a side of deep purple carrots and a quick potato gratin.   I wasn’t as impressed with the plate presentation of my meal, but I was really happy with the taste.

The staff was very friendly and did everything they could to ensure a lovely night out for us.  The kitchen was a bit behind as they had a large party in the other room.  Our food took far too long to come to the table, but I am sure as they get a bit more experience working in that tight kitchen, things will improve.  All in all, I am glad we went, we had a lovely dinner at a local establishment, eating locally sourced food.   Not a bad way to spend a Friday night.   I am eager to give them another try on a night when they might not be as overwhelmed in the kitchen.

3 thoughts on “Heirloom Restaurant

    • You are welcome! Hope all is well, I just have one more week of crazy before work gets a bit easier. I have never looked forward to June 1st so much in my life!

      • Heading to Hawaii next weekend to celebrate Adam’s graduation from Villanova. Can you believe he’s graduating? Where did the time go? Oh, and belated happy birthday!!!

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