Chicken and Rice

Saturday the weather was a bit chilly and rain kept drizzling on and off all morning.  It was actually the perfect weather to move my niece and her family into their new home, the rain kept the dust down and the cooler temperatures meant we didn’t break too much of a sweat.

I wasn’t quite sure how much stuff she had to move so before we left in the morning, I marinated some boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a mango marinade so dinner would be ready in a flash.

Moving her didn’t take nearly as long as we anticipated, we had everything over to the house and the trucks unloaded by 2pm.  We ate a quick lunch, got the tour of the house and property and still had time to pick up some shrubs from the nursery on our way home.

Since we ate lunch so late, the hubby and I were not hungry until late.   It gave us time to get a few projects done around the house and enjoy some time in the yard.   Once the sun started to set, we fired up the grill and got to grilling up the chicken.   I made a batch of wild rice pilaf and we had salad as our vegetable.   I have been really liking the Dole Chopped Salad Kits.  I usually grab one or two of them each week to bring with me to work as my lunch.  They are smaller than the regular bagged salads and are perfect for the hubby and I to finish in one meal.   Since I had a mango marinade on the chicken, I went with the Sunflower Crunch mix.  Both the marinade and the dressing on the salad had a hint of sweetness to them, they really went well together.

chx dinner

I was really glad I had taken the time to prep our dinner before we left, it made dinner come together in a snap!

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