Friday Night = Pizza Night

Since I had the day off on Friday, I took the time to make homemade pizza dough for our dinner.  We have a pizza stone for our grill that I had bought years ago.  I can’t believe how often we use it.  If you roll your dough really thin, the crust becomes deliciously crisp.

pepperoni pizza veggie pizza

My husband is a huge fan of pepperoni pizza, I love a good veggie pizza.  By making our own dough and cooking at home, we can each have the exact meal we crave.    While we were waiting for the hubby’s pizza to cook, the little girl next door came over to see what we were up to.  I told her we were making pizza, her ABSOLUTE favorite food, on the PLANET.  She asked if she could make one too.  I said sure.  I made her wash her hands and helped her roll out a small portion of dough.   She topped it with sauce and a boatload of cheese.   We slide it onto the hot pizza stone and in a few minutes, she had her very own pizza.

camerons pizza

She actually ate the entire thing and asked for another.   I still had some dough, so I said sure.   While the second pizza was cooking her Dad called her in for a bath and bedtime (yes, we tend to eat very late, especially in the summer!).   I asked for two more minutes to finish cooking the pizza.  Her older sister came over and between the two of them, they polished off the second pizza.  Hopefully, the girls had fun and enjoyed making their own pizza, I know they certainly enjoyed eating it!

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