Meat and Potatoes

My husband is a definite meat and potatoes guy.   Thank goodness I have always enjoyed a good steak on the grill.   The weather has been a bit crazy, hot, humid days, followed by late afternoon thunderstorms.   Luckily Thursday night the storms passed to our south and we were able to enjoy dinner on the deck.    I paired some steaks with a batch of my homemade pierogi and served a salad on the side.

salad steak and pierogi

It was really tasty and the hubby grilled the steaks to perfection.   While we were sitting outside enjoying our dinner, we were treated to the sight of a family of deer coming out of the woods to graze on the grasses behind our house.


Thankfully, my camera was sitting on the table beside me, I didn’t have the right lens, but I was able to get a few good shots.  There are five deer who live in the woods behind our house and they have been venturing into the grasses each evening to eat.  I just hope the grass keeps them occupied and well fed, I would like to keep my garden intact this year.  They had a field day eating all of the tulips in the neighborhood this year.  I will be very put out if they feel the need to also eat my tomatoes, peppers and zucchini plants too…..

Watching the deer, digesting a good meal, and watching the sun set made for fabulous ending to the work week for me.  Happily, our university closes on Fridays during the summer, so I a privileged to have a three-day weekend from now until the end of July, whoo hooo!  We work extra  hours Monday to Thursday to make up for the time lost, but it is totally worth it when you wake up on a Friday morning and instead of getting out of bed, you can roll over and go back to sleep!

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