Canning Season is HERE!

Thank goodness work gave us Friday’s off in the summer again this year.  I have so many projects I want to tackle and it is so nice to have three days in which to do it.   On Friday, my Great Aunt and I went to lunch, it was so nice to see her and we had such a lovely time.  On the way back to her house, we stopped at a farm stand and I was able to pick up a flat of local strawberries.   They just started picking them and they smelled amazing!   I took them home and bright and early Saturday morning, I made four batches of jam.  Three regular strawberry and one strawberry lemon.

making jam

I like getting an early start when canning, before the heat of the day gets too intense.  I know I am lucky enough to have central air, but it is hot work standing over three pots of boiling liquid!  I have been canning for so long that I have this down to a science.  I prep all of the berries first by hulling the stem and crushing them using my submersion blender.   Once I have this step done, it takes me about 30 minutes per batch for the jam.  In less than three hours I had 36 jars of jam cooling on the counter.

strawberry jam

Not a bad start to the spring canning season, if I do say so myself.   I went online yesterday and bought a fermenting crock that I am going to use to make Bachelor’s Jam this year.  I have been intrigued by the recipe for a couple of years but I tend to forget about it until July.  This year I an bound and determined to make it for Christmas.   I will keep you posted on my progress and take photo’s along the way!

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