CSA 2015, Week 1

FINALLY! Our CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) has started.  I picked up our produce on Tuesday night, I opted for  small share this year, since the hubby has been doing so much traveling, I didn’t want to waste any produce.   From past experience, I know my CSA will be filled with greens for the next month and that is totally fine with us!

csa 2015 wk 1

Our share this week included:

Radishes – Diakon and Green Meat

Salad Greens

Red Leaf Lettuce

Pea Shoots


Bok Choy


Hankurei Turnips

I brought my haul home and we immediately used the salad greens and leaf lettuce for dinner that night.  I had boiled off a few eggs two days prior and needed to use them up.  I asked the hubby if he wanted egg salad on toast or on greens.  He said greens, so we had a lovely, healthy meal.

egg salad dinner

Both of us really love salad, and it is such an easy side dish.   Tuesday night, it was our main course, with a side of egg salad for protein.  The picture above is my plate, because goodness knows, my husband wouldn’t touch tomatoes if you paid him.   I really didn’t do my due diligence with this boy, how can you not eat tomatoes????

My plan is to use the diakon radish, pea shoots, scallions, turnips, and bok choy in a stir fry for dinner tonight.  I really can’t wait to see what next week’s CSA brings, I love the challenge of cooking with items fresh from the farm!

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