Chicken and Greens

I know, like we haven’t had enough green this week with the start of our CSA, but for some reason, I have been really craving them.  Since we have had rain all week, I wasn’t in the mood to grill so I breaded up some thin cut chicken breast and quickly pan-fried them.   I made a batch of long grain and wild rice and finished the meal with a side of garlicky sautéed spinach.

chicken cutlet

It really was a wonderful meal, the crispy chicken, a nice bite of garlic in the spinach and the chewy texture of the rice were perfect foils for each other.  I loved how the dark green spinach look on the plate against the chicken and rice.   All in all, a really good meal that took about twenty minutes, start to finish.  In fact, after dinner, the rain slowed down a bit and the sun hadn’t set yet so I had some time to play around with my camera.  I took this shot of the small tree in front of our house.  I just love how the color of the leaves came through and of course, all of those rain drops!


We truly needed the rain, we were getting dangerously dry around here and goodness knows, my plants definitely needed the rain. Thanks in part to the rain, I am looking forward to a bountiful garden this summer.

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