Happy Father’s Day!

Today is the day we celebrate the first man in our lives, our Dad’s!  I am so much like my Mom, but there are a few traits my Dad and I share.   He and I are big picture people, we can take a task, see the end result, and break it down into manageable steps.  I didn’t realize that most people don’t have this skill set, and I am grateful to my Dad for passing it down to me.

He and I are both perfectionists, which, I am sure if you talk to my husband, is not always a good thing, but for me, I am never happy with less than perfect.  It makes me difficult to please, but it also means that when I do something, you darn well know it will be done right!

Dad and I are both insomniacs, which is good and bad.  I get  A LOT of stuff done because I don’t require much sleep, but it also means that there are times when I am really, really tired and my mind/body just won’t cooperate and let me sleep.

We both love cheese, cashews, and a good glass of wine.   We are both workaholics, although, I am trying to break that particular habit, and we are methodical in our work processes.

Hopefully he is enjoying his day, it stinks that I am all the way across the country, but I am celebrating with him in spirit!  Happy Father’s Day.  Love you!

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