CSA 2015, Week 4

My friend Patti and I both belong to the same CSA.  She texted me late last week to ask if I wanted to pick up her share this week since she would be out of town.  I said, absolutely!  My niece just moved closer to us, and I had tried to convince her to sign up for the CSA, but the shares sold out before she was able to take advantage of the opportunity.   She wasn’t sure if it would be something she would be interested in, but I knew once she met the farmers and saw the produce, she would be hooked!  I was right.  We stopped by on Thursday afternoon, I picked up Patti’s share and my niece picked up my share.

CSA 2015, week 4

Our shares included:

Two heads of lettuce



Garlic Scapes

Zucchini and Yellow Squash



Between the zucchini coming out of my garden and the zucchini in the CSA, I think we are going to be eating it at every meal for the next few weeks. The good news is that we love zucchini so it won’t be a hardship having to eat so much of it.  I love having lettuce again this week, we really do enjoy having salad with dinner each night.   I am going to roast off the turnips as a side dish one night this week.  The radishes, garlic scapes and scallions will be added to our salads and I am going to saute the kale with a bunch of garlic.  Happy eating!

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